On Election Day, 866-OUR-VOTE still Not Trickling Down to Local TV and Radio Broadcasters

Nov. 4, 2008. The first polls of the 2008 general election are closing on the east coast. Over the last 24 hours we expanded the reach of our campaign to 9 additional states.  This time our priorities shifted to states that had tight senatorial races or reports of voter problems. With the addition of three new people to the team, we finished our calls to the news desks by 1pm.  Once again, we have a good news / bad news story to tell.

Bad News:

In the new States: Only 98 % of the broadcast producers or assignment editors at the local channels had NOT heard of 866-OUR-VOTE or Election Protection.

Good News:

We were getting through to them on election day. Between 75% and 80% of the producers, program managers or assignment editors either looked at the videos while we were on the phone, expressed interest and appreciation and interest in running something on 866-OUR-VOTE, or, they said they would bring it up in their meeting for the morning and  6pm news coverage. We made it clear to these producers and the assignment editors that while our citizen produced content was available for download for immediate use, we cared that they get the word out how ever they saw fit, through a news story or a public service announcement.

By 1pm on election day, our small, dedicated and exhausted team had reached out to 2,200 local broadcast news outlets. We believe that the people sitting on the new desks of the local channels are often the first point of contact in the event that voting irregularities or voting suppression cropped up in their regions, and, we felt that it was our personal responsibility to make sure the news producers and program mangers learned how they could better serve their viewers  by first learning about the best kept secret of this election cycle, and second, air a public service announcement or story about the initiative.



~ by urteveblog on November 5, 2008.

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