Moving into new Territory as Voter Suppression Rises

Now that we are one day out from election day, we got such a positive response from the broadcast producers in the key battleground states that we are now in 8 additional states that are either struggling with voter suppression or voter corruption issues or have close senatorial races. Below is our release last night to the key battleground states.

Only 1 in 10 broadcsat producers in the battle ground states are aware of 866-OUR-VOTE; yet their audiences representthose most affected by voter suppression and misinformation at the polls. Voter confusion at the polls is a local problem that is only solved if voters are informed of their rights. Less than 4% of voters in the battleground states are aware of the 866-OUR-VOTE initiative where over 10,000 legal experts will be deployed at the polls on election day to solve voting problems.

In response to this lack of awareness, 8 broadcast quality videos were produced by a citizen driven campaign as a means to ge the number to the polls on Nov 4th.  They made it easy for producers to run a story by making the video and audio spots available for download at

When shown how easy it was to download broadcast quality clips, 80% of the producers either  looked at our video on the spot and/or confirmed that they would be reporting on 866-OUR-VOTE in the coming days. Many producers also told the group that they were in need of content that differentiated their coverage from the nationally syndicated feeds.


~ by urteveblog on November 3, 2008.

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